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Zimmerman: Hearing to Re-Set Bond

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 State's Motion to Revoke Bond

Zimmerman's Motion to Set Bond

April 20 Bond Hearing Transcript

The state motion above is the one filed on June 1st.  It filed another, titled as a response to Zimmerman's June 22 request to set reasonable bond.

June 28 State Response to Defendant's Request to Set Reasonable Bond

Judge: I'll rule Thursday on Zimmerman's bond motion
By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel
4:58 p.m. EST, July 3, 2012

Court to announce order July 5

--- Quote ---The judge in George Zimmerman's second-degree murder case said Tuesday that he expects to rule Thursday on whether to release the defendant or keep him locked up in the Seminole County Jail.

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. made the announcement at the close of his afternoon court session.

He has begun drafting the order, he told the nearly-empty courtroom, and expects to file it Thursday.[/url]

--- End quote ---

Just saw that article about ruling Thursday. He said he's started writing the order. If he was going to let him out, why not  rule orally, and follow with a  written ruling? It sounds like he's writing carefully because he knows his order will be appealed. Hope I'm wrong.


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