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The Personal Message Feature
« on: July 05, 2012, 11:34:51 PM »
For those of you who haven't used forums in a while, they have one advantage to a typical blog (or at least to TalkLeft.) You can send private messages to other forum users. No one sees your e-mail address and I can't read the messages. Only you and the person you are messaging with can read the message.

Many TalkLeft commenters have wanted to exchange information privately with each other, whether to exchange email addresses, make arrangements to get together,  or just continuing a discussion privately, without sharing their real e-mail address or identity.  There has never been a way to do so. In the Forums, you can do that.

I know there are members of both sites I sometimes want to send a message to, and the personal message feature here is ideal for that.

You can set your preferences for personal messages under that topic. You can elect to get a pop-up showing you have a PM when you log onto the forum or when it arrives if you are already here, or you can elect to be notified by e-mail (again, the person sending you the message won't see your e-mail address if you choose this option) or you can just remember to check your PM  inbox when you are logged into the forums.

You can also send me a PM. When you report a post for violating site rules, no one else sees you reported it. I get both a PM  and an e-mail about your report.


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