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Witness 3 - 30 Yr Old 911 Caller From 1231 TTL

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Screamin Jay:
Witness #3 is a female home alone (name not revealed),
Here is some of what W #3 said:
I had my upstairs windows open because it was a breezy night
She's in the front room office working
Started hearing a male voice very scared, screaming for "Help" 6 times
Thought it was strange that it was a man rather than kids
Walked into the back room and peeked out under closed blinds
Looked down and to her left into her next door neighbor's yard
Saw a guy in a white tee-shirt on top of another person
The bad guy on top had his back to her and she couldn't see the other guy
Did not see fighting, never heard any fighting
She got scared as the screams continued
Went into the other room away from window and locked door
7:16:41 calls 911
she is fearful and the female tries to calm her down
7:16:56 gun goes off
She's very freaked out by the gun shot
She thought the guy with the gun is not a good person and would run after shooting
Gave directions for police to go to backyard
After it's over she peeks under blinds again
She lives just south of "John" (W#6 who told the two who were struggling that he would call 911).
This is the white shirt source. The white was so bright it seemed to pop out in the dark. She saw no other colors.
Trayvon might have had a white tee on but it was covered by his dark gray hooded sweatshirt. George had a lighter gray shirt but it was covered by an orange jacket. Did Austin (#14) or John (#6) have on a white shirt? Maybe she's remembering someone who came out after the shot like another neighbor, W#13 with his flashlight.
She said this white shirt person was on top. Was this a neighborhood watch operation? Witnesses 11 & 20 said it sounded like a group scuffling, more than two voices. Who called Trayvon in to George? Did George get someone to help him that night? Conspiracy would say someone else was there briefly like one of George's friends or his wife, then got away.
As I continue to listen I understand more.

I removed her address from your post. Please do not post addresses with witness numbers. You can say she lives on the other side of John, W-6.

Why is everyone ignoring this witness?  She clearly describes to different individuals before and after  the gunshot.  She has Martin in white and Zimmerman in red.  IIRC, she was troubled that she thought Martin was wearing white.

Her diagram has them closer north before reaching John's area of the dog run if you combine it with W6 it shows the movement to the south.

Page 31 is her interview with O'Steen...

Hers is the first drawing:

Photoset, with W-3's drawing and two interpretations.

Click on a photo to enlarge, or right click for a menu.

I don't think W-3 is an important witness. She didn't see much, and seems prone to confusing her recollections with later hearsay.

Her allusion to seeing someone in red is from her SAO summary, so it's late and not a verbatim quote.


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