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Screamin Jay:
Some say George will have to testify for SYG. The judge is hinting that George's circumstantial, hearsay is not sufficient. The burden of proof for murder in self-defense is definite, beyond a doubt.
My interest is in the jury trial. Will the jury be presented with the hours of interrogations and re-enactment?

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--- Quote from: Screamin Jay on July 07, 2012, 03:28:52 PM ---The burden of proof for murder in self-defense is definite, beyond a doubt.

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1. What is "murder in self defense?"

2. Did you in invent a new legal standard for proof?

3. You did not say which side has the burden(s).


--- Quote from: Screamin Jay on July 07, 2012, 04:12:47 PM ---I really goofed. Caught it myself right after posting.
The defense is preparing an affirmative defense called Stand Your Ground. The burden of proof beyond doubt is on O'Mara and company at this hearing. No jury. If they win, there will be no trial. Right?
Let's try "killing in self-defense", "shooting in self-defense", "homocide in self-defense", "manslaughter in self-defense." Anything but murder!
What I was trying to say is SYG as a defense against the murder charge. My typing fingers got tied up. Is there a way to make corrections or delete old posts?

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That is incorrect the burden of proof is not beyond a reasonable doubt its preponderance of the evidence. Try reading Jeralyns extensive research on the main board.

dragon ash:

--- Quote from: Juan on July 08, 2012, 12:07:23 AM ---You goofed here too ... "7:11:51 The back entrance…f*ckin' coons". I've heard it & it's obvious to me it's as GZ says .... "f*ckin' punks".

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I don't know how 'obvious' it is - I wouldn't bet my life on it - but FWIW I also hear 'fu*king punks'. We have no evidence that GZ was a racist, but even if we did, he could be the biggest racist on the planet and I still wouldn't believe he'd actually say something like that, out loud, on the phone, to a complete stranger, working in a professional capacity. No way.

dragon ash:
George says that, after the shooting, he straddled Martin's body (already facing down, I believe) and pushed his hands 'away from his body', because he was worried Martin had been carrying a weapon.

I believe this is also confirmed by Witness #6, who in the second interview at the station, says he say Martin face down, arms kind of spread out, 'like the chalk outline of a victim at a crime scene'. I personally imagined something like this.

But Martin was found with his hands and arms underneath his body.

How did his arms get underneath him? Was Martin still alive and able to move?


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