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Witness 12 - (Wife of W-13 at 2861 RVC)
« on: July 07, 2012, 04:01:53 PM »
W #12
Wife of witness #13 (the flashlight guy who took the I-phone picture)
Heard someone yelling. Sounded like a dog howling at first, ignored it.
Yelling becomes louder, then she heard “help.” She doesn’t know who was saying “help”.
Looked out the sliding door, at first she couldn’t see anything, because it was dark.
7:16:56 heard the shot.
looked out the sliding door, saw two shadows
turned around, told husband there were people out there
she pulled away from the window so she wouldn't be seen
her husband , w13, went outside
looked out the sliding door again, saw a man standing with a jacket talking to her husband
A guy was on top of another
She couldn’t see any faces or clothing.
she never went outside
(After comparing the pics on TV, she thinks it was Zimmerman who was on top because the bigger guy is the one who was on top.)
She lives at 2861 RVC, first house southeast of the "T". Her neighbor to the south would be the elderly man who was out of town that day and overnight. So, she was very close to the struggle. Her husband took the picture of the back of George's head. She should know if that picture was photoshoped or doctored before it got on ABC news.
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Re: Witness 12 - (Wife of W-13 at 2861 RVC)
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2013, 12:38:56 AM »
Screamin Jay provided a very good summary of what W12 said in the 03/20/2012 FDLE interview with Crosby and Veaudry. She looked out the sliding door, but didn't see anything because it was too dark.

Here's how Cosby's interview summary (page 70/284) represents what she says:

As the noise got louder, she looked out the side door and saw two men arguing. [W12] stated she turned to tell her husband what she saw and when she looked out the backdoor, the men had moved further down the walkway.

Unless I'm missing something, it's almost beyond belief. The two men arguing and moving down the walkway seems to be a complete fantasy.

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Re: Witness 12 - (Wife of W-13 at 2861 RVC)
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2013, 09:43:28 AM »
Yes, the written report of the interview does not match the recording of the interview. My notes made as I listened to the recording some months ago:

interviewed by agent crosby and bob baudry state’s attorney

heard someone yelling
thought it was a dog at first, ignored
becomes louder
didn’t see anything the  first time she looked
then heard a shot
saw two shadows
told husband (who went outside)
saw man talking to her husband
Sunday 7:15
about lighting: it’s dark
her porch light was not on
On her second glance, she saw two shadows

It sounded like a dog howl at first, nothing like a language

She heard "help" after hearing howl
looked but didn’t see anything
heard one shot

looked out again, saw two people
one was on top, doesn't  know which one

clothing was dark colors
can't give description
she never went outside
she couldn’t tell size

there was a guy on the floor and a guy on top
She couldn’t tell if they were face up or down

she turned around
Her husband is there
Her next neighbor asked them do you need help, do you want me to call 911

She didn't see anything  in hands
its so dark
no one turned on porch light until the flashlight was on

W-12 was re-interviewed by Bernie De La Rionda on March 26.  She told Bernie:

she looked out window
she doesn’t know who said help
she thought guy on top was bigger so it would have been have Zimm on top based on media pictures


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