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Witness 16 -- Selma Mora (Cutcher Roommate)


Screamin Jay:
Witness #16
Housemate of Mary Cutcher witness #5, they live at 2831 RVC
In the kitchen making coffee with Mary
She heard a kid crying (she sounds it out), saw no fighting
7:16:56 heard a shot,
but was thinking maybe it was some kids playing.
She walked out onto her back porch. First one outside.
The entire witness was from her back porch.
She saw a guy laying on the ground face down
Selma watched GZ standing, straddling TM with one foot on either side
She thought GZ was checking for pulse or searching the pockets
As GZ might have pressed down on his back, thought she saw Trayvon's leg move.
GZ is facing away from her
She asked “what’s going on?”
GZ turns around and looks at her, no answer
She asked “what’s wrong with you, what’s going on?”
The guy on top looked at her, and finally said “Just call the police.”
7:17:54 Mary grabbed her phone and called 911
Mary came back and told her to come inside.
They say the police turned Trayvon over
She and Mary often speak together. But this witness does have her own view. There is much more in the media interviews they did. They emphasized Trayvon being a child, juvenile, minor. They were very impatient to be interviewed by the police. The truth is that Serino was very busy that first week. They claimed there was no fighting in the sense of punching going on at the time of the gunshot. This led Serino to video their interview at the station. That seemed to contradict witness #6 testimony of punching. They might have looked later while w6 was inside. There may have just been evenly matched struggling going on by then. No struggle would counter the self-defense claim. Listen to them yourself and see what you can make of it.

Responding to post on another thread.

--- Quote from: DebFrmHell on March 18, 2013, 11:43:37 PM ---I have always thought it kind of odd that none of the other witnesses have remarked that they saw Selma Mora. 

--- End quote ---

I thought so too, until I looked more closely at the timeline.

W-18's real-time account has W-13 taking a long time to get to Zimmerman. In his own statements, W-13 said he had a cell phone in one hand prepared to call 911, and he approached cautiously.

The last time W-18 reported W-13 walking was about 7:18:01. She reported seeing him with Zimmerman about 7:19:08.

On Cutcher's 911 call, she called to Mora to come inside for the fourth time about 7:18:42. About 7:18:48, she said 'Get -", and stopped, as if she saw that Mora was finally complying. Just before, about 7:18:39, she told the dispatcher 'there's people at them now'. That's ambiguous, but it could reflect that W-13 had reached Zimmerman by then.

However, W-13 said Zimmerman was on the phone when he approached, and Mora never mentioned seeing that.

Either way, if Zimmerman was on the phone when W-13 approached, he wasn't talking to Mora at that time, and she went back inside about that time if not earlier. So I don't think it's surprising that W-13 didn't notice her.

W-6 was looking out his upstairs window by then, but his attention was caught by the flashlight.

--- Quote ---She says GZ told her to call the police but he doesn't mention her either.
--- End quote ---

He also didn't mention using the phone, but W-13 took a picture of that.

Zimmerman did say he told W-13 he had just gotten off the phone with the police, but if he meant that he called again after the shooting he never made that clear.

On her 911 call, Cutcher said 'they said call nine one one.' Then she started calling to Mora to come inside, and then asked Mora if the black guy was the one shot.

Unreliable as they are, I don't think Cutcher and Mora fabricated the story of seeing and speaking to Zimmerman. I do think it was only Mora, as Cutcher said on 2/26 (18/184), and is consistent with Mora's written statement (102/184). They first said it was both of them on 3/1.


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