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Say what you want about George, but seriously...what a world we live in:

"Within a few days, Rosanne Barr retransmitted our correct names, address, and phone number. I knew then that we would need to relocate. Almost immediately, threatening phone calls and letters were received. However, One in particular was alarming because it threatened to kill anyone with George’s DNA – it was not mailed, but was left at our front door. These threats were in addition to the constant media calls and visits. It was time to go.

Literally, as I was helping Cristina into the car to leave, media representatives and others were not ringing our bell, but beating on our front door.

We took a couple changes of clothes for each of us, medicines, and a few personal belongings and fled. However, when the media learned our new location, we were no longer safe there. At that point, we went from one location to another. It has been an extremely difficult existence. It’s been a challenge getting hotel rooms when we can not provide our correct names, use credit cards, or produce any valid identification. Today, that is very much what our existence is.

Cristina had to delay therapy, and she has become more confused than ever. I had to immediately stop my physical therapy. Doctors’ appointments had to be cancelled and severe hardship is still the life we are living.

In addition, our daughter had to leave a government job she truly loved.

There have been other severe hardships. However, for security reasons, these can not be mentioned at this time.

I will be greatly relieved when the true facts concerning February 26th are brought to light. However, nothing can ever return us to the family we were just a few short months ago. What Gladys and I have planned and worked for our entire life now will never be."

Another reason to dislike Roseanne.

Has this site been verified yet? It feels real but I'd really like to know from an official source (MOM).


--- Quote from: FromBelow on July 26, 2012, 03:33:09 PM ---Has this site been verified yet? It feels real but I'd really like to know from an official source (MOM).

--- End quote ---

Zimmerman Parents' New Website Decries Threats, Says Son Is No Racist - ABC News - Matt Gutman, July 27, 2012

Gutman more or less mocks the website as a "missive that veers into the confessional."


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