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Witness Identification Chart and House Map


As of 7/27/2012, here is a chart of Witnesses 1 -22. A house map is attached to the list.

No information regarding Witness #10 has yet been released.

Here are links (updated)  to the 911 calls, non emergency call and audio interviews.

The house location map is here.

This will be a sticky topic for easy reference and updating.

Feel free to add to the lists and point out anything that needs correction, but please limit your comments to identification issues, not  the content of witness testimony. Most of these 22 witnesses have an individual thread for discussion.  If one doesn't, feel free to start a new topic for them.

Thank you again for doing this.

Comments deleted with misinformation as to address of W1/W2. They live at 2841 Retreat View Circle.

Also, W-13's name is being shielded by the courts. Please do not make guesses as to his/her identity here. We do not use names of witnesses whose identity the court has ordered protected. Thanks.


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