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In a trial, an acquittal would mean that there is not enough evidence to convict.  Reasonable doubt.

What does it take to be proven innocent of the charges?  Can that only be done during a SYG hearing?

The Dennis hearing for 776.032 immunity uses a probability scale of about 50-50.  If it's more likely that his action was justified, then Zimmerman is granted immunity.  The standard of proof is preponderance of the evidence, same as used in a civil trial.

Most people would not consider that to have sufficient certainty to say "proof of innocence," in the common use of those words.

A declaration by the state, of innocence, is the closest you'll get to proof of innocence.  That is different from dropping the charges.  I'm thinking about statements made, e.g., when DNA evidence exonerates.  Or the Duke rape case, where the accuser and prosecutor were eventually proven wrong.

I've said before, in this case, if there was a movie that corroborated Zimmerman's account, a significant number of people will find him guilty.  He got out of his truck.


--- Quote from: cboldt on July 28, 2012, 04:37:18 AM ---He got out of his truck.

--- End quote ---

And Trayvon wore a hoodie.

And he had candy, for his little not-brother.


"He got out of his truck"....really? Wow, if that's all there is then there is no case against him.


--- Quote from: JW on July 28, 2012, 05:26:24 AM ---

"He got out of his truck"....really? Wow, if that's all there is then there is no case against him.

--- End quote ---

He also PROFILED Martin.  Called the police. 
Additionally  Mr. Zimmerman was disturbing the peace with all that unseemly screaming for help

IMO There are some segments of the population that are so involved in their own meta narratives that no amount of evidence or reasoning will dispel their initial judgments.

Assuming the criminal case is a fizzle, then its important that GZ avoiding losing a civil suit. He has two options  a hearing for 776.032 immunity or winning the expected suit outright. Seems that those are his best shot at vindication - or as much as he's going to get.

I am unsure of his chances to sue some of the participants in his persecution. Perhaps if a bombshell hits - for instance if DeeDee admits to someone illegally influencing her statements then GZ has a case

Then again IANAL



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