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The Shortcut From 7-11 into Twin Lakes

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Some people say it is next to Frank Taaffe's house at 1460 Retreat View Circle. Others put it further north, close to 1350 Retreat View Circle.

Here's a video of a Fox News interview with Sierra McClendon (Austin's sister) in which she puts it at Frank Taaffe's house, 1460 Retreat View Circle. Good screenshots in the video.

During the video re-enactment, George shows where he first saw Trayvon, and it is at Frank Taaffe's house.

More views: here and here.

GZ's neighbor at 1510 Retreat View Circle also says the shortcut is between their houses.

But many put it up by 1350 Retreat View Circle.

Which one would Trayvon have been more likely to enter through?

(Edited to remove link to slideshow. Photobucket converted it to a link to all the Zimmerman photos I posted rather than just those for the shortcut.)

It makes sense to me that both routes would be used, depending on where the person is coming from and going to.

The one between 1460 and 1510 isn't a shortcut for a person going from Oregon Ave. to the intersection south of the main gate (RVC & TTL). I checked using Google Earth, and the distance is about the same either way.

There is news video of people using the 1460/1510 route. I don't know if there is any such evidence for 1350/1410.

Possibly Martin didn't go by way of Oregon Ave. at all. Maybe he knew a shortcut all the way across the two communities to the west, to Rinehart Road, maybe almost directly to the 7-11.

That would explain why Martin isn't on surveillance video of the intersection of Rinehart Rd. and Towne Center Blvd, if that is the case. (See p. 67 of the July 12 evidence release.)

More pictures.

I would go for the cut thru at 1350 Retreat View. The 1350 is much closer to the side walk, so it would be the natural path at night when it is raining.  The other cut-thru is much further from Oregan and there appears to be some sort of slope which would be harder at night.


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