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This is a thread to keep track of the items we should have in discovery but as far as I know, we don't. Feel free to add to the items or, if you've seen any of them, point out where they are.

1. The full toxicology report from NMS labs. It was reviewed by Officer/Investigator Negrete on April 2 and put in the case electronic file (p. 84 of 284 page discovery.)

2. Audio recordings of 3/26 interview by state's attorney investigator O'Steen and John Guy of W1 or W2 (one of the sisters who saw a glance of one or two people running).  Witness is now saying she saw people running left to right (which from her house would be south to north.) De la Rionda keeps referring to this, yet the only audio statements provided are those by SPD and FDLE (3/1, 3/9, 3/20)  and in the 3/20 interviews they retracted this. What happened in one week to make one of them change their mind, and why don't we have the actual interview? (p. 29 of 284 page discovery)

3. DeeDee's Simple T-Mobile records. They are a pre-paid phone with no subscriber information or subscriber detail, so why are they being withheld?  They received 9 pages of call records on the phone dated Feb. 26 to April 2 in an xcel spreadsheet. (Page 83 of 284 page discovery.)

4. Audio recordings of interviews by state's attorney's office with Tracy Martin, Brandy Green, Sybrina Fulton, Chad Green. Interviews were on 3/27,  4/2 and 4/27. (in 284 page discovery)

5. The photographs of the placement of the  video cameras at the clubhouse taken by Sgt Rodrighez (p. 87-88 of 284 page discovery)

6. Audio interview of Singleton by prosecutor de la Rionda on 3/29/12 (page 34 of 284 page discovery)

7. Audio interview of Medical Investigator Tara Malphurs on 3/29 on her examination of Martin's body and removal of items at the scene.  She didn't get there until 9:44 pm, and left at 10:10.  (p. 35 of 284.)

8. Audio interviews of Selma Mora (and maybe Mary Cutcher) on 3/27/12 by SAO investigator O’Steen, Bernie de la Rionda and John Guy  in which they say they heard 2 "whines" and saw nothing before shot. (page 30)

9. Audio interview of W-3 on 3/27/12 by O'Steen and Guy in which she says the guy in the white t-shirt was on top during the struggle and the guy in the white t-shirt is the one she saw dead, laying on the ground. (284 page discovery)

10. Audio interview of Austin McClendan on  3/27 by O’Steen, De la Rionda and John Guy, in which he again says the guy he saw injured on the ground wore a red shirt. (lawyer or mother called back later to say he thought he had to say that to be consistent with his first statements but he didn't see it.) (p. 33 of 284 page discovery)

11. Reports of analysis of cell phone records. Surely they must have written reports showing relevant calls and times to and from TM's phone and DeeDee's  phone. They can redact numbers for privacy.

12. A better audio of Dee Dee's call with Crump/Guttman. The snippets ABC played on the air are clear. The version supplied in discovery is inaudible. See Diwataman on this, he thinks the one provided was altered to a different format to purposely be inaudible and he makes a good case.

13. Question: Wouldn't the state have subpoenaed the Fox News footage of the scene the night of the shooting? If not, why not? If so, they should have turned it over in discovery and we should have it. If they didn't, I hope O'Mara does and turns it over in reciprocal discovery.


14. The actual timestamps for the various 911 calls

15. Witness 6 (John's) diagram as to the positions and movements of GZ and TM when he saw them struggling. Contained in his .March 20 interview with FDLE investigator John Bachelor.

16.  Affidavit for Search Warrant for phone records (phone records are being withheld, but a redacted version of the Affidavit could be released.

17. Audio Interview of 7/11 clerk (p. 69 of 284 page discovery.)

14. The stain maps from FDLE's biology lab for Zimmerman's and Martin's clothing.

15. The results of SPD's internal investigation of leaks - how the evidence items were accessed and by whom.

Video from the surveillance camera covering the intersection of Rinehart Rd. and Towne Center Blvd.

Possibly other missing video, from businesses in the area, or cameras at The Retreat at Twin Lakes clubhouse.

I can't find it now, but Jeralyn posted a comment somewhere pointing out that reports mention some clubhouse cameras which were not described as inoperable, and yet their video has not been released.


--- Quote from: nomatter_nevermind on August 12, 2012, 02:27:00 PM ---Possibly other missing video, from businesses in the area, or cameras at The Retreat at Twin Lakes clubhouse.

--- End quote ---

That's an interesting point. A report on page 19 of the 2nd discovery PDF mentions that Det. Lonnie Taylor collected videos from businesses in what ended up being in the wrong direction from Martin's route. I think it's likely that either someone else collected videos from the other direction, or Taylor had some particular reason for choosing the direction he did. There are quite a few businesses near the 7-Eleven.

I'd like to see Zimmerman's phone records. Particularly the exact time he placed the NEN call. That would answer the question of whether there was a significant delay from the time he placed the call to when he was connected to Sean.


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