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Mark 'O'Mara's 8/13 Press Conference

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This is a board to discuss breaking events. like press conferences, hearing settings, entry of new lawyers and exit of others, announced changes in strategy, etc.  Discussion is welcome here. Just start a new thread to discuss a different event.

I'll start this one with Mark O'Mara's press conference tomorrow. What's so important that he needs to call the press to hear it?. He already said he's filing the SYG motion and it won't be for months. He can tell us about a recusal  appeal via his website. I can only think of two thiings:

One: He's going to announce the appeal of Lester's order on the recusal, and say his arbitrary refusal to allow George to move is another sign of is prejudice since he did not commit a bond violation while on bond.

Two, and this is probably more of  a long shot, but I won't be surprised: O'Mara's going to withdraw from the case over a difference in strategy and he thinks George will be better served by a lawyer who starts with a clean slate with this judge.  [Update: It was reason one so I deleted the remainder of my comment on the withdrawal issue.]

What other reasons do you see for this press conference tomorrow?

Maybe he's going to introduce/announce a new member of the defense team. Less likely is that he might announce some civil lawsuits. But I'd think those would happen after the case is resolved. MOM doesn't seem like the type that would have a press conference about Lester's recusal. It doesn't seem like it would be very professional to do what would essentially be talking crap about Lester. I guess we'll find out.


--- Quote ---Jeff Weiner @JeffWeinerOS
#GeorgeZimmerman's defense team tells @renestutzman they'll have a news conference Monday. Will talk SYG, today's evidence. #TrayvonMartin

--- End quote ---

Apparently it's about the SYG hearing and newest evidence. Odd. I thought that he wasn't able to talk about the evidence. I guess he doesn't have to go into detail. It might just be essentially what was posted on the gzlegalcase site with some question and answer. I get the feeling MOM is ready to be a bit more aggressive about defending GZ in the media. From the website:

--- Quote ---Since the beginning, there has been a rush to judgment in the case against George Zimmerman. Since the first day of his involvement, Mr. O’Mara has emphasized that people should be patient and wait for the evidence to be released before forming opinions about the case.
--- End quote ---

Press conference now set for 1:45 pm ET. No preceding announcement.

Kyreth: is streaming now in front of O'Mara's office.


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