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Sanford's Crime Surge Alarms Residents


Here is an article from Sept. 2011 that confirms the crime wave in Sanford. It includes several quotes from officials requesting citizen involvement and assistance.

--- Quote ---But the answer does not lie solely with law enforcement, Chief Lee explained. Combating crime requires the assistance of everyone in the community.

“The police officers can’t do it all by themselves. We need your eyes and ears to let us know when things are going on,” the chief said. “It truly is a partnership.”

Morgenstern also stressed the importance of citizen involvement.

“The public needs to call us if they see anything suspicious. When you see something that doesn’t look right, call us out there,” he said.

“We hear a lot about this and it is time for us to figure out the best way to address this,” said Mayor Jeff Triplett. “It’s in your front yard and nobody knows better than you what is going on.”

--- End quote ---

I saw this posted in another forum as well. It is a pretty notable piece though and it definitely depicts a community struggling with crime.

Furthermore it really just makes people's reaction to whole incident quite enigmatic to me. There was an obvious problem with property crimes there and with Zimmerman dealing with it beforehand, its understandable to pursue a "hunch".


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