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Exerpt from Capt. O'Connor Deposition 11-19-2012


This is the exerpt of the deposition of SPD Capt. O'Connor, taken by Mark O'Mara, provided in the defense Motion to Modify Conditions of Release dated Dec. 7, 2011. Line numbers are omitted and the Q & A designations have been replaced with the speaker's initials.
MOM: Back for a few more questions.
COC: Can I make a statement?
MOM: Sure
COC: Your last question. I think, before we took a break, conversations between Bernie and myself, and we did have a conversation a couple of weeks ago that I forgot about untii just now.
MOM: Okay.
COC: Where I made him aware of a conversation that I had had with one of my investigators, Bill Irwin.
MOM: Okay.
COC: And Bill Irwin had been the investigator who did the voice stress analysis on Mr. Ziiminerman, I believe.
Mr. Irwin came to me about three weeks ago, give or take, and said that he had overheard a conversation between Investigator Serino and Tracy Martin on the night -- on the Monday night following the shooting. That conversation occurred at Serino's desk where -- and it occurred during which Serino was letting Tracy Martin listen to the 911 tape of the shooting.
And Bill Irwin said that he overheard the conversation that Tracy Martin was asked by Investigator Serino, "Is that your son screaming on the tape?" And Mr. Martin said, "No."
That, I thought as the investigative commander, had been run to its logical end months ago. I didn't know -- apparently nobody knew that Bill Irwin was in the room at that time.
I had -- originaly when it came up -- I asked Serino who was in the room and he had originaly said that two investigators, Sergeant Ciesla and Investigator Villaluna, who were both in the room.
When we spoke to them, they were not in the room. They said that they had left at various points in time, but never heard that conversation.
Bill Irwin -- I just never -- I didn't ask because I wasn't aware that he was in the room until about three weeks, maybe four weeks ago.
MOM: Okay.
COC: So, I made Bernie aware of it and that was one of the conversations we've had recently.
MOM: Okay. Great. I appreciate you clearing that up.
COC: Okay.

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