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Judge in Zimmerman murder case also taking on Zimmerman v. NBC

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DebFrmHell:,0,5740654.story] Debra S. Nelson will oversee both[/url]

--- Quote --- SANFORD In three weeks, Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson, who's overseeing the George Zimmerman murder case, will inherit a new one: George Zimmerman's defamation suit against NBC Universal Media LLC.

Rarely is a judge asked to preside over a man's murder case and, at the same time, his suit demanding a big payout from a major media company that he accuses of defamation.

Mark O'Mara represents Zimmerman in both cases. In an email exchange Thursday, he wrote that he sees no conflict with Nelson handling both cases and has no current plans to ask her to give the defamation suit to another judge....
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It must be me.  I can't see how there is anything but a conflict of interest unless she removes herself after the NBC case.  For a woman that doesn't watch TV, she is in for a big surprise, IMO.  Perhaps it will enlighten her as to the Motions that have been filed on behalf of George Zimmerman by the Defense Team.

How is it a conflict of interest?


--- Quote from: nomatter_nevermind on December 14, 2012, 08:32:34 PM ---How is it a conflict of interest?

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I'm not seeing it either.

Like I said,  It must be me.  There are things that are going to be brought up with the racial implications that are going to be most likely discounted at the immunity hearing or trial if it comes to that.  There is the scope of questions that could be asked that might used in the future.

Since it hasn't happened and I am not able to see into the just must be me!

On the Good News both agreed with each other.

**Looks around for pigs with wings**


--- Quote from: DebFrmHell on December 14, 2012, 09:22:27 PM ---
On the Good News both agreed with each other.

**Looks around for pigs with wings**

--- End quote ---

I agree with them too.   Is that good or bad news? 


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