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WKMG Local 6 News

--- Quote ---Michael Knox, a retired Jacksonville Sheriff's Office detective and crime scene investigator, published some of the findings in his book, "Intermediate Range: The Forensic Evidence in the Killing of Trayvon Martin" (available through here).
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--- Quote ---The medical examiner determined the gunshot was fired from "intermediate range," but the hoodie showed a "contact" shot, indicating the muzzle of Zimmerman's gun was touching or extremely close to the fabric when the shot was fired.

Knox explained that the loose fitting sweatshirt was farther away from the body because of gravity, which pulled it down as Martin was situated above Zimmerman.

That is consistent with Zimmerman's claim that he was on his back struggling with Martin when he reached for the gun, pointed it upward and fired, Knox said.
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He also noted that both Martin and Zimmerman had more time than they needed to get to their respective alleged destinations.

His book has been out for a few months.  Judging from what I see in the article and on Amazon, I see nothing that would be new to a reader of this forum.  If the can was in a front pocket of the hoodie, it certainly would have make it dangle a distance away from Trayvon's body.

His conclusions were:

--- Quote ---If Zimmerman's retelling of the event were accurate, the confrontation Zimmerman described with Martin would have occurred much sooner than it actually did;

Zimmerman covered more time and distance after leaving his truck that night than he revealed to police; based on the times and distances Zimmerman said he covered, Zimmerman would have still been on the phone with Sanford police when he claims he was attacked by Martin;

had Martin walked directly to his destination, his fatherís girlfriend's townhome, he would have made it there safely before Zimmerman ended his nonemergency call to Sanford police;

Martin was in fact leaning over Zimmerman when the fatal shot was fired, just as Zimmerman has maintained.
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The one conclusion I'd dispute is "covered more ... distance." With the evidence released so far, I don't see any way to know that Zimmerman covered more distance. He could have waited for a minute or so  at the "T" on the way up, or on RVC when he reached there, or both. I haven't seen the other news segment yet, so I don't know if the investigator addresses that point.

Video, with visual illustrations of Knox's work, and discussion by an anchor, a reporter, and a defense attorney.

The 'covered more ... distance' line isn't mentioned. I think it was just a throwaway line. I concur that no evidence I know of supports it.


--- Quote from: RickyJim on February 09, 2013, 02:01:02 PM ---Judging from what I see in the article and on Amazon, I see nothing that would be new to a reader of this forum.
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I recall that on the blog we discussed the meaning of 'intermediate range'. We established that different labs and medical examiners use different standards for such terms. I don't recall getting beyond that. That's not to say I couldn't have missed something.

Sourcing matters. Whatever was said on the blog or the forum, it doesn't have the credibility of a forensics expert with a history of testifying for prosecutors.


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