Author Topic: Motion to Subpoena Recordings of Trayvon Martin from W8  (Read 1899 times)

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Motion to Subpoena Recordings of Trayvon Martin from W8
« on: February 12, 2013, 11:41:12 AM »
O'Mara adds Witness 8  to the list of people from whom he wants audio recordings of Trayvon Martin from the last three years.

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Re: Motion to Subpoena Recordings of Trayvon Martin from W8
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2013, 02:19:35 PM »
I wouldn't be surprised if he files motions to subpoena other friends of TM if he doesn't get anything from the previous motions. It seems to me he might be working on proving it was GZ screaming. If he can convince the judge or jury then I can't imagine GZ not getting immunity/acquitted.

I especially like that MOM would be using Team Crump's PR campaign against them. All the PR using those screams to show how much fear the person was in and that he was the victim of a horrific crime. But everything I'm aware of supports it was GZ doing the screaming.

MOM already has a lot he can present:

- Witnesses #6 saw GZ on the bottom.

- The man on top has no reason to scream. No indication there was a fight for the gun since: no TM DNA on gun, no bruising on GZ's wrists or arms indicating an attempt to control a gun, and none of the screams or witness testimony (including DD's) references a gun.

- Same person screamed until the gun was fired and the screams became more intense a few seconds before the gun was fired. Which means the screamer didn't gain a dominant position before the end and was in even greater fear just prior to the shot.

- GZ was the only one with signs of being assaulted and person being assaulted would be the person needing help.

- GZ said at the scene that he screamed for help but nobody came. Screams were actually recorded on a 911 call.

- Tracy said the screams weren't his son's but changed his story later (after talking to Crump?)

- Jahvaris said in an interview he wasn't certain it was TM screaming for help.

I'm sure there's more that I'm just not thinking of at the moment. Also sure that an experienced lawyer would have noticed far more evidence that it was GZ screaming for help and be able to present it far better than I can.


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