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Would the negotiations between Crump and the HOA and/or insurance company be recorded or witnessed? The reason I ask is a post made on CTH which asks if Crump had misrepresented his knowledge of Trayvon's school disciplinary actions or LE encounters would it effect the recent HOA settlement. Waltherppk responds with:

If the negotiations aren't recorded or witnessed it seems that would be difficult to prove.

There are many instances where negotiations, events, etc. aren't recorded, and the evidence is presented to the judge in the form of testimony.  Credibility of the witnesses is part of the calculus then, but "proof" and allegation don't depend on having a recording.

I don't think the parties to the settlement agreement drilled too deep (probably not at all) into Martin's character.  The issue wasn't ultimate culpability of Zimmerman, it was litigation avoidance for duties that might be assigned to the HOA.  Even if the HOA and insured believed they had a strong case, say 95% probability of success on the merits, they might still settle to avoid the cost of defense and any PR fallout that accompanies being aligned against Team Crump.

Edit addition: I don't think Crump's stance, assuming he mislead the parties about Martin's character, comes close to the "insurance fraud."  His assertion is that he intends to sue the HOA, and it is that assertion that would be tested for truth or falsity.  He isn't claiming certain losses, or even predicting the outcome of a civil claim.
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comments about gun control and/or gun deaths in America deleted. Please keep the discussion to the civil law suit.


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