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Character Evidence Guidance


Prompted by today's release and some questions raised in that thread, what are the rules concerning newly-introduced character evidence?
I posted my thoughts there:

--- Quote ---I don't speak for TalkLeft, but she's stated that we can discuss the character traits introduced by a party as potential evidence. For myself, I will still exercise decorum when discussing character traits and limit that discussion to what's been proffered by a party.

Ms. Merritt has done a top-shelf job of making this site accurate, informative and respectful while maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio. I would be ashamed to think that I proved myself unable to meet these standards in my own posts.

I suspect that she will provide some guidance in the near term.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---It might be off-topic or it might be useful for illustration.

I think
Person A demonstrated a history of violence because of [evidence]
is an example of a respectful, accurate and informative statement. I think
Person A is a common thug. Look at [evidence]. That just shows that Person A probably [wild speculation]
is a character attack, speculative and doesn't really have any informative value.

Once again, this is just my opinion as I do not speak for this board.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for asking. I answered in the other thread.

As to what you can discuss: Any of the items in the discovery release.

What is not up for discussion: Things that have not been included yet, such as Trayvon Martin's tweets, and supposition about the red liquid in the cup being linked to illegal activity.

I suspect O'Mara will have hired a company by now to authenticate Trayvon's tweets (since he's unlikely to get them in time, if at all, from Twitter or FB  despite his subpoena) and will disclose which he intends to introduce. When and if he does so, the tweets can be discussed.

Please try to keep the discussion to how the released material is relevant to the court case -- rather than using it just to attack Trayvon.

Thanks to CBoldt for recapping O'Mara's statements. You can all take a cue from what O'Mara said.

I think discrepancies between what witnesses told police and the new discovery is also relevant. For example, that Tracy said he drove Travyon halfway to Sanford where Brandy picked him up and it appears from the text messages he took a bus ride.

Also I've deleted some comments referring to people with different opinions as "fools." This is about the discovery not what people at other websites think.

Any questions, feel free to PM me or ask.


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