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State's 17th Supplemental Discovery

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Listed in the court's Detailed Case View as filed 06/03/2013 but not yet on the court's list of Zimmerman documents or on GZLegalCase.

[Added by Talkleft: The records are now available here.]

Right below that is a State's Motion to Compel Discovery.  Now isn't that a switch?  What could the defense have that the prosecution doesn't?


--- Quote from: RickyJim on June 04, 2013, 11:43:50 AM ---...What could the defense have that the prosecution doesn't?

--- End quote ---

Lower blood pressure?

Fewer ulcers?

A non-redacted Complete Works of Shakespeare?

My gut tells me that this is to compel Shellie Zimmerman to answer certain questions at deposition and will argue that she is misapplying either her 5th Amendment protection or her spousal privilege. This is pure speculation on my part, however.

Another explanation could be reports from experts regarding voice identification. The state has also complained that a certain witness created drawings not provided to them - Zimmerman asserted these not exist and that witness was mistaken.

Rene Stutzman has an article in the Orlando Sentinel the mentions the discovery. It concerns GZ applying and being turned down for a job as a police officer, and his training at a gym that bills itself as "The Most Complete Fight Gym in the World!"  I'm not sure how either is relevant to anything. The gym also offers weight training, rock climbing, and other general fitness activities. I can't think of any issue that hinges on GZ's fight prowess, since the only injury TM suffered is from the gunshot even though the altercation was in progress for a fair amount of time before the shot.

Also interesting is the article mentions a motion in limine filed by the defense to exclude terms including, "profiled," "vigilante," "self-appointed Neighborhood Watch captain," "wannabe cop," and the phrases "He got out of the car after the police told him not to," and "He confronted Trayvon Martin".


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