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June 7th Hearing

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I think a new thread is appropriate for today's hearing.  I have seen a report that O'Mara is stuck in traffic so the hearing start will be delayed.

Another Matt Gutman exclusive. Trayvon's voice.

Well isn't that interesting.

The ABC report also included an audio expert not affiliated with either side who, upon listening to this bit of TM's voice, concludes it's much more likely the voice screaming for help was GZ's.

Found in the cache of the phone. Only recently available to the defense. Perhaps part of what the state of FL was trying to hide.

An interesting report from ABC and Mr. Gutman, all in all.

And this just comes out today? Can MoM mention it to Nelson, like..."hey, remember yesterday you said nothing they held back effected us at all...?"

Owen screwed up there. It needs 20 seconds but can get by with less than 20 seconds. That means there are no objective standards. Basically, his objective standard is "the software."

He is saying what the NSA and CIA do.  How the hell does he know?


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