Author Topic: April 20 2012 1st Bail hearing  (Read 2965 times)

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April 20 2012 1st Bail hearing
« on: July 03, 2012, 03:27:37 PM »
ABC News - George Zimmerman Tells Trayvon Martin's Parents 'I Am Sorry'
SANFORD, Fla. April 20, 2012
plus video (autostart, with 30-sec ad)

misinformation highlights:

article: "In police surveillance video obtained last month by ABC News, Zimmerman's wounds are not apparent..." (Gutman had admitted otherwise April 2, in an article that centered on expert claims that Zimmerman's nose was unbroken.)

video: GUTMAN
 "Even prosecutors today were surprised that George Zimmerman got that bail..." (Surprised by the amount, or that he got bail? Latter was guaranteed unless prosecutors filed for Proof Evident.)

video: "legal analyst" Dan Abrams
 04:41 "It's the defense that will have to show he was justified, so it's an affirmative defense; they'll have the burden to prove that." (Not in Florida. If it goes to trial the prosecutorswill have to prove non-self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt.)
 04:57 "...if Zimmerman was the agressor and then starts losing the fight he can't use deadly force." (No, he loses SYG, but if he can't retreat he CAN use deadly force if reasonably afraid for life and limb.)
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