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Trial Forum Setup and Registration


I have just set up the forums for the trial. Feel free to provide suggestions on the organization. If you click the button to the right of the"trial forums", it will collapse them so you can just view the pre-trial forums.

I'm hoping there will be people watching the proceedings live who can post live updates on each day. That way, people who can't watch live and just want to know what happened in court, can click on the live thread for each day. There will be a second topic each day for comments.

If you are registered at the  existing forums you are registered here.

For those not registered at the pre-trial forums, registration is open to new members and free, but registration is not automatic due to spam controls. You have to e-mail me a request with your desired user name and email address. I will register you and activate your account. You will then be able to log on and change your password to whatever you'd like and individualize your settings. Registration at TalkLeft's main site is not recognized by the forums -- different software.

Our rules for the trial forums are the same as for the pre-trial forums. No profanity, no declaring Zimmerman guilty, no character attacks or name calling of other commenters or the participants. Civil disagreement and criticism is fine. If you are going to give your opinion of the law, please state it as such. Please do not misrepresent disputed facts as undisputed truths. If you believe a disputed fact to be the truth, state it as your opinion.

These forums are fact-based but they are not neutral. They are a place to discuss the legal proceedings from the defense point of view.  In this country, everyone is presumed innocent until a jury returns a verdict of guilty. That presumption is respected in these forums.  While it is fine to discuss evidence that is not helpful or even hurtful to the defense (and there will be some), it is not acceptable to declare a defendant guilty before all the evidence is in and the jury has finished deliberating.

If you have made up your mind George Zimmerman is guilty,  and just want to argue with people who think differently, they are not the place for you.

I suggest that instead of having two separate sections, State vs George Zimmerman and George Zimmerman Trial, there be only one.  So many sections have the same name in both and both are accepting new topics.  It has become confusing.  ???

One forum is for pre-trial proceedings and one is for trial.
I'm definitely keeping the two forums, sorry.


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