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Those Christian Science Monitor quizzes are usually pretty tough even in subjects you think you are an expert on.  I scored 20 out of 23 on their Trayvon Martin Case quiz

I hope everybody will be a good sport and post here how well they did.  Don't be upset about a few inaccuracies in the answers like "Tea and Skittles".

Some quiz...they don"t even have their facts straight. Question 5 does not even offer the correct answer.

 What items did Trayvon Martin buy at a local 7-Eleven just prior to his encounter with Zimmerman?

Skittles & iced tea

Starburst & Slurpee

Hot dog & Gatorade

M&Ms & fruit juice

More blatant disinformation on question 7. The dispatcher never warned not to do anything.

7. What did a police dispatcher warn Zimmerman not to do when he called to report a suspicious person?

Even more biased propaganda. Nothing was reversed. The persecutor took over an incomplete investigation and interfered with due process by foregoing a scheduled grand jury.

12. How many days passed before a Florida state prosecutor reversed the Sanford Police Department and brought charges against Zimmerman?

Why do they always leave out the pipe paraphernalia that he also carried on school grounds, a zero tolerance zone?
13. Trayvonís public image took a hit after it was discovered that he was serving a 10-day suspension at the time of the shooting. What was he suspended for?
Traces of marijuana were found in a plastic bag in his book bag.


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