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Witness Sequestration and Victim's Rights


[Ed: This thread would fit as well in Law and Legal Issues, but is so narrowly focused on the Martin family that I included it here.]

In case anyone was wondering what balance exists between the right of victims to be present and witness sequestration: Florida statute 960.001(3)

--- Quote ---A victim, a victimís parent or guardian if the victim is a minor, a lawful representative of the victim or of the victimís parent or guardian if the victim is a minor, or a victimís next of kin may not be excluded from any portion of any hearing, trial, or proceeding pertaining to the offense based solely on the fact that such person is subpoenaed to testify, unless, upon motion, the court determines such personís presence to be prejudicial.
--- End quote ---

I doubt that Team Zimmerman will take the publicity hit of a motion to enforce witness sequestration against the Martin family unless they foresee some rather significant differences between their testimony and that of another. The scream identification won't play any role in this, I imagine.


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