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Don West to Present Opening Arguments


According to a short blurb from WKMG:

--- Quote ---Opening statements begin on Monday and will be carried on Local 6 and Local 6 has learned attorney Don West will do the opening statements for Zimmerman's team.
--- End quote ---

Honestly, I'm not enamored to West's style - he seems easily shaken, upset and frustrated at times. My initial thoughts were that West will serve as Team Zimmerman's pit bull. After hearing his Frye closing, however, I'm open to change in that opinion.

I'm surprised that O'Mara isn't doing the opening, after he was so good with the jurors on Thursday. Maybe he needed a rest after that?

O'mara might be avoiding the necessity to illustrate Trayvon in a negative light within the bounds set forth by  the judge. West will do the "dirty work" of presenting the real Trayvon.


--- Quote from: Redbrow on June 22, 2013, 10:22:57 PM ---West will do the "dirty work" of presenting the real Trayvon.

--- End quote ---

Good point. The opening statement might be considered one of the 'pit bull' jobs.

Maybe Don's got some more "Francines" up his sleeve.


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