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The State's 18th Supplemental Discovery is now posted on

It comprises:  Emails from defendant; two legal textbooks.

I suspect the textbooks and the college professor may be to show GZ was aware of the provisions of self-defense law, so may have tailored his interview answers in order to claim self defense.

Haven't GZ's grades been made public?  If he flunked the class, this evidence might favor the defense.   :D

For what it's worth, it looks like Criminal Justice in Action - 4th Edition was published in 2008, and Criminal Law and Procedure for Paralegal : A Systems Approach - 3rd Edition was published in 2005. Criminal Justice in Action is now in its 7th edition; Criminal Law and Procedure seems to be in its 4th edition.


--- Quote from: woodchuck64 on June 23, 2013, 04:16:52 PM ---An `A' in Criminal Litigation but a `D' in Criminal Justice.  Which would cover self-defense defense?

--- End quote ---

I believe the deposed professor, Gordon Pleasants, didn't teach GZ's Criminal Litigation class. I have no idea if the professor who did was also listed as a state witness.

Could anyone help me with the indexing scheme of the discovery? Only C and K.


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