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This thread is for your thoughts on media commentary during the trial.


--- Quote from: TalkLeft on June 23, 2013, 06:37:06 PM ---This thread is for your thoughts on media commentary during the trial.

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If it's going to be like most media commentary so far, my thoughts on it will be unprintable.

Fred Grimm, a columnist for the Miami Herald, wrote:
"Civic leaders ... might want to start planning. Zimmerman may well walk. The reaction could be ugly."

I find this interesting because the Miami Herald seemed quite biased against GZ for a long time. 

This is no OJ or Casey Anthony.  The daily lottery sometimes can give everybody who enters a ticket for the courtroom.  I have a hunch that worry about what will happen after an acquittal is excessive.  Is the local black media devoting themselves totally to the case?

I've always felt that televising the trial would moderate the impact of an acquittal. If GZ walks, many people will understand why, including many of those who at first were riled up by narrowly tailored propaganda, and the perception that racist police were protecting a man who, if not obviously guilty, obviously, in their view, should go to trial.

No black jurors, and exclusion of the voice experts, will be points for flogging. We'll see how much impact that has.


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