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Prosecution's Opening Statement Expectations


I doubt the prosecution's opening statement will be much, if at all, more detailed than what we have already heard from them.

I'm curious to learn how they are going to deal with the question of why Martin didn't go home, but I'll be very surprised if they bring it up in the opening statement.

Has there been any word on who is doing it? I have been thinking Guy would be better than de la Rionda, but after seeing de la Rionda's performance in jury selection, I'm not so sure.

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I believe the prosecution will offer more. I think they have to. The jury expects the prosecution to tell them what the state believes Zimmerman did. The days of "a confrontation ensued" have passed. Any bets on whether the state's opening statement will result in the defense moving for a mistrial?

I quit following this case quite a few months ago.  I recently went back and played catch up with all the new information. 

I think the opening is going to be quite a bit different than what people expect.  I don't believe they wanted to tip their hand earlier. 

After reflecting on the discussion of the defense opening statement, I do think the prosecution will go into detail in some areas.

I think the prosecution's opening statement will emphasize what they will argue are discrepancies in Zimmerman's statements. That will require telling enough of the story to put those issues into context.

I think W-8 will be very important for the opening statement. They will want to emphasize the drama of her story, without overdoing it and stepping on her own telling of the story. I don't know how much of her story they will want to tell in the opening statement. Recalling that these jurors know little about the case, the prosecutors may want to preview and tease the story, leaving the most dramatic and moving parts for W-8 herself to tell.

At least two of W-8's statements, the August interview and the deposition, have not been made public. So there may be some surprises there for us.

Another thing I think they will do, is emphasize race in every way possible, overt and subtle. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I think John Guy's statements at the 6/21 (Friday) session are a sign that the prosecution intends to be more explicit than I had expected in this regard.

I still don't think they are going to get specific on how Zimmerman 'confronted' Martin, or why Martin's efforts to get home were not successful. How can they? They don't have the evidence. They will let W-8 tell her story, and the jury will make what they will of it.

Don't believe W-8? Think Martin may have been up to something unseemly? You're being racist.


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