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Rachel Jeantel (Witness 8) Trayvon's Phone Friend

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The mystery is over. The state and the defense both disclosed today that Witness 8, formerly referred to by the media as "Dee Dee", who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin shortly before he was shot, is Rachel Jeantel. She is 19  and was 18 at the time Martin was shot. Both sides apparently expect her to testify.

Please do not attack her character here. Such comments will be deleted. Unless it is confirmed that her twitter account is really her's (it only goes back to Feb. 2013) please don't link to it. As of tonight she only has 32 followers and o Facebook, only 30 friends. She apparently went to Norwood High School and is studying (or was studying) criminal justice at a college.

You may discuss her credibility, her prior interviews, her prior false statements, her relationship to Crump and her interviewe with him, and once she is called. if she is called, her testimony. 

Don West spent a significant amount of time during his opening on her. He said they had been talking regularly on the phone for about 3 weeks. They were friends, but not boyfriend and girlfriend.  He pointed out that in her pre-trial statements, she said TM was the one who confronted GZ (What are you doing around here/)

He focused on the timing of her last two calls with Martin and  the end of GZ's non-emergency call, the 911 call by Jenna Lauer (W 11) and the gunshot.

He said Rachel and Martin hung up 30 seconds before Jenna called 911, and  the gunshot was 4 0 to 45 seconds into Jenna's call.

The state and the defense agree on the times of the calls. GZ's call with non-emergency ended at 7:13:40.  Rachel's call with Martin ended at 7:15: 43.  Jenna called at 7:16:10.

Guy, unlike West, did not emphasize that Rachel and Trayvon were not a couple. He did refer to her as a 'friend'.

In his opening statement, Guy mentioned that Chad only asked for Skittles, and the fruit juice was for Trayvon. That, and it being fruit juice rather than tea, will be impeaching of Rachel.

Crump, maybe in violation in a court order that he be sequestered, gave a televised interview to Anderson Cooper last night.  Cooper asked if Rachael was the same person Crump interviewed in March, 2012.  I haven't seen the interview, but have read that Crump's answer was evasive.

Assuming she takes the stand for the prosecution, will the prosecution enter the handwritten statement, what de la Rionda refers to as a "letter, given to Sybrina", into evidence?

It would be a challenging chore to come up with a comprehensive list of "good questions" to ask on cross exam, and direct exam if the defense decides to call the witness.

My recollection is that Guy only mentioned Rachel briefly in passing.  Can anybody recap exactly what he said she would do for the prosecution's case?


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