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The defense disclosed today that Witness 13, who took the iPhone photo of GZ's injuries and one of Trayvon Martin right after the shooting is Jonathan Manalo. He lives at 2861 Retreat View Circle, right across from Jenna Lauer and Jeremy Weinberg at 1211 Twin Trees Lane.

Sworn, 1:04 PM.

Bernie on direct.

In 2012, JM and family had lived in RATL 3 years.

Sounds were like grunts at first, loud enough to hear, indistinct.

His wife looked out window. He told her to stop and she did.

His wife told him there were 2 people fighting.

He never looked out before he went outside.

He exited through garage, grabbing a flashlight.

He didn't know GZ before.

GZ walking towards JM when he first saw him. JM's flashlight was on.

GZ had cell phone to his left ear. He was bleeding from his nostrils. Later JM saw blood on the back of his head.

Bernie listed the three photos JM took, JM confirmed he took those photos.


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