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Jayne Surdyka (W-18), 6/26/13

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Currently unemployed.

She has a graduate degree.

In the 1980s she was Olympic runner. Olympics were boycotted.

Not married, no children.

She has a cat.

(Ed. to change thread title from Jane to Jayne)

Big surprise.  I thought she was much older.

Three upstairs bedrooms.

Master bedroom faces back, has a window. She normally has blinds partly open for her cat.

2/26/12,  she's repeating the basics from her statements.

Hard rain started and she closed her window. As she was turning away she heard loud voices.

With window closed, she heard one loud voice.

She sat on her bed and started to read. Then she again heard one loud, dominant voice.

She raised the window. She heard a very aggressive, angry, agitated voice. Then she heard a lighter, softer, higher-pitched voice. Couldn't understand words.

She estimates 20-30 feet.

She turned off her light to see who it was.

She could see 2 people on ground, on on top of the other.


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