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Alicia Stanley: Trayvon Martin's stepmother

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This interview with Alicia Stanley is worth watching.

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--- Quote from: jjr495 on June 28, 2013, 10:16:57 PM ---This interview with Alicia Stanley is worth watching.

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This woman seems so much more sincere and authentic than Sybrina or Tracy.

Transcript of 6/28/13 CNN Interview of Alicia Martin
10:00 PM Airing - content of Alicia interview appears very close if not exactly the same.

The transcripts cover multiple segments of the program.  The part with Alicia is about half way through.

COOPER: How much role did you actually have in raising him?

STANLEY: Hands on. I mean, I've been with his father for 14 years. Trayvon was about three when I met his father, and ever since then, I mean, Trayvon been in my life and I've been nothing more than a mother to him. You know, he was raised with my girls. I have two daughters, so --

COOPER: He lived in your house?

STANLEY: Yes, he live in my house with me and his father and my girls, and Trayvon wanted to live with us, and Trayvon was at my house, in our home 85 to 95 -- 90 percent of the time. ...

 STANLEY: I have no doubt that he didn't start that fight. He didn't start the fight. What I'm saying is that he did -- it was a fight. There's no doubt it was a fight, and Zimmerman had to put his hands on him to cause that fight. He was defending his self. So, for people to say when he tried to kill him and he this and he that, I don't think anyone would have been standing somewhere in the dark and been approached by someone they don't know and then pushed around, and you're not going to defend yourself, and his friend stated it in her statement. He approached Trayvon and Trayvon asked him, you know, why you following me? ...

STANLEY: I'm here with you to let people know that I exist. And I would not sit back anymore and take the lies that's out there being told. I'm the one that went to them football games. I'm the one that was there when he was sick. I mean, every time he got sick if he wasn't at our home, we had to go pick -- Tracy picked him up and brought him back to our home to make him better. I want people to know that he wanted to live with me and his father.

COOPER: He didn't -- are you saying he didn't have much of a relationship with his biological mother?

STANLEY: No. I'm not saying that. I'm not saying that he didn't have a relationship with her. What kind of relationship that they had, I don't know, and then with Trayvon -- Trayvon didn't speak of his mother a lot. OK? I didn't speak towards his mother in no way, no fashion. Never want -- and I want her to know, too, that I never tried to take her place, never.
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Tough spot, "family wise," and some hard feelings.  She was not "part of the family" during Trayvon's funeral, for example. No questions asked about where he was living in the weeks leading up February 26.  If this is Alicia's only media exposure, I don't see the public becoming aware of her story.

We haven't heard anybody from Trayvon's family yet who uses English tenses in the standard manner, have we?  I heard linguist's  John McWhorter interview on MSNBC where he said a key to understanding Rachel Jeantel is her use of the pluperfect.  One thing that is not clear is the chronology of Trayvon Martin's residences during the last months of his life.  For example, I don't know if it was Alicia or Sybrina who kicked him out and said he had to live with his father.

There's more to the interview than what CNN put online. This is the full interview.


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