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SPD Investigator Doris Singleton, 7/1/13

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DS sworn, 11:15 AM.

Bernie on direct. Basic questions. DS says she has been a narcotics investigator.

What do you think her ethnicity is?  Hard to tell.

DS was only officer in exam room with GZ. Ofcs. Adam Johnson, Tim Smith were observing by 1-way glass.

DS didn't know how to use video equipment. Voice recorder was placed where GZ could see it.

Establishing GZ was Mirandized.

DS: GZ did not appear to under influence of any kind of drugs or intoxicants.

He spoke clearly, never said he misunderstood anything.

GZ said he didn't need medical treatment when she entered, later said he wasn't sure.

DS cam into contact between 8:00 and 9:00, approximately.

His head was bleeding. He staunched it with tissues available in exam room.

Bernie introduced some evidence, I think recordings of GZ interviews.


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