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Week 3 Expectations on Defense Case

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The state is expected to rest Friday, with Sybrina Fulton as their last witness. It's not known if they will also call Medical Examiner Shipping Bao (Bao has given interviews stating he expected to be called), if they will hold Bao for rebuttal or not call him at all.

After the state rests, the defense will move for its first judgment of acquittal. (It will make its second motion for JOA after the close of its case.)  The judge is almost certain to deny this, and any other motions to dismiss.

The defense will then either rest without putting on evidence  or begin its case.

I think they will present evidence,  particularly since they have a firearms/ballistics and pathology expert waiting in the wings.  I also expect them to call at least one witness familiar with GZ's voice who will say they think he is the person crying out for help in Jenna Lauer's call.

The defense also has a self-defense expert on tap but the state is objecting to his testimony.

Who do you think the defense will call, who should they call, and does anyone think GZ will testify?

When you say "rest Monday" do you mean Monday or has the holiday thrown you off?

I'm looking forward to the super-deluxe-whiz-bang-second-by-second timeline O'Mara was hinting around about.

Thanks! The holiday threw me off. I keep thinking tomorrow is Monday. I fixed it.

They have a reenactment animation that they will have introduced. They keep pointing out the gap argument repeatedly.

I think the defense might call Rachel Jeantel and Tracy Martin as their own witnesses.

Meanwhile, I'm puzzled/confused over the crossing of Jeantel, which I thought was not complete. Do they waive their right to further cross if it isn't complete before the state rests? How does that work?


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