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Week 2, 4th day, Friday, 7/5/13

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Here's a thread for updates and comments about Friday, July 5, believed to be the state's final day of  its case in chief.  Live updating is best found under the particular witness' name in the witness threads.

8:34 AM

On the record.

Bernie says he won't need exhibits for first 2 witnesses; must be at least 3.

Seems like they are having technical issues again.

Requested by state, Nelson asked GZ to stand, confirm he signed a stipulation that the body the ME examined is TM.

Guy was saying something I missed about an evidence exhibit.

Nelson called for jury.

8:39 AM.

Jury coming in.

Nelson asking if any jurors broke the rules.

8:40 AM

State calls Sybrina Fulton.

She is sworn.

Bernie asks for sidebar.


What did Shaeffer just say on WFTV? I missed it. Something about the case being over Wed. no matter what.

Is that me not hearing, him being dumb or something JDN has done now?


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