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Re: Doris Singleton, 7/8/13
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Singleton called back, allowed to answer that Tracy answered that the scream was not his son's voice.

Bernardo on cross - Singleton doesn't know Tracy's exact words, but he was indicating it was not his son's voice.  Singleton was choked up herself, she has children.  She felt horrible for Tracy.  The Lauer call stuck out in her mind, she doesn't recall if the other recordings were played.  She recall the screams and gunshot recording.

She could see him wiping tears from his eyes.  He didn't lose it, he was trying to hold himself together, he was in the police department. 

O'Mara elicits that there is no doubt in her mind that Tracy was indicating the voice was not Trayvon.

Singleton excused subject to recall.

Next witness - Adam Pollock.


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