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Week 3, Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Here's a thread for comments and updates about trial proceedings on Tuesday, July 9.

At the end of yesterday's court hearing on evidence proffers, BDLR and O'Mara referenced a proffer hearing that would be necessary before one planned witness testifies. Judge Nelson knew exactly who they meant.  It's going to be West's witness and the proffer is expected to take 45 minutes.

The name, revealed by BDLR and O'Mara talking to each other during the hearing is Richard Connor.  I think he's a computer forensic expert at of ESI Consultants in Orlando and the defense wants to call him about something on Trayvon's phone, probably the deleted texts about him fighting or a video about fighting, and he needs Connor to authenticate them (which the experts do using various techniques, including examining the metadata.)

I think the state wants to still argue it's irrelevant,  but Nelson has made clear that she'd let the evidence of fighting in if it was authenticated and otherwise admissible.  As I've written elsewhere, case law supports its admission in a self-defense case.

8:31 AM

O'Mara speaking. I missed what he said.

Mantei arguing on the animation.

State now believes there is a Daubert issue.

No audio for a while. Long talk between O'Mara and Mantei.

Camera panning around, Nelson, O'Mara studying documents.

8:39 AM

O'Mara withdraws still showing estimate of distance from gun muzzle to wound.

O'Mara: Relative positions of bodies of GZ and TM at moment of shooting is unknown. Animation on the point is based on testimony of J. Good. State can point out that gunshot was after JG wasn't looking.

O'Mara calls Daniel Schumaker as first witness.

This is a Daubert hearing, maybe in combination with something else. I have heard 'Pierce'. Jury still out.

Schumaker  sworn.

the forums have been down all day. They are still arguing over the animation.

I have screenshots of it I will upload.

Judge Nelson is questioning O'Mara and showing a great command of the evidence. 

10:17 AM

Mantei asked for 5 minute recess before he begins cross. He wants Schumaker on stand (he has been at the podium when not at the bench). Nelson granted both.


About 10:25 AM

Mantei: Cross will take 45 minutes.

Nelson: Too long. Will finish Daubert hearing in afternoon.


Next defense witness is Dr. Vincent Di Maio, pathologist.

10:35 AM

Nelson asked GZ if his lawyers had told him they would avoid certain areas questioning Dr. Di Maio, did GZ agree. Yes.

Defense team bringing in exhibits.

10:39 AM

Jury coming in.

Nelson asking if any jurors broke any rules. She's talking faster than usual.

10:41 AM

Dr. Di Maio sworn.


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