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Week 3, Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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12:30 PM

Bernie asked for sidebar before crossing Dr. Di Maio.


12:33 PM

Recess for lunch, until 1:30 PM.

1:30 PM

Back on the record. Dr. Di Maio taking the stand.

Jury returning.

Nelson asking if any jurors broke any rules.

Bernie on cross.

2:58 PM

Dr. Di Maio excused.

Next witness is Norton Bonaparte Jr., Sanford City Manager.

2:59 PM

Bonaparte  sworn.

I can't figure out why the defense wants to use this animation so much.  Because they already shelled out $ for it?  And why is the prosecution trying so hard to block it?  It attempts to show the relative positions of Zimmerman and Martin during their physical confrontation.  I do find Nelson very good at questioning the lawyers.  But I am mystified at both the evidentiary and legal aspects under discussion.

What's Mantei crying about? Shouldn't he be in's almost 8PM...

ETA: Heh. Mantei just called JDN "sir".

NB excused.

Next witness is Eloise Dilligard, formerly a neighbor of the Zimmermans. She is sick in bed, will appear by some remote method O'Mara called 'unique'.


3:11 PM, 15 minute recess.

3:31 PM

Nelson and O'Mara discussing how witness is to be presented.

Nelson asked GZ if he consented to how witness will be presented. Yes.

Jury coming in.

Dilligard sworn.

4:15 PM

Eloise Dilligard excused.

4:21 PM

Nelson announced jury to be excused.

Reading admonitions

4:22 PM

Jury excused until 9:00 AM.

4:23 PM

Court recessed for 10 minutes.

After recess, animation and Conner proffer. Donnelly will be taken up before jury comes in tomorrow.

4:45 PM

Mantei crossing Schumaker.

7:02 PM

Schumaker excused.

O'Mara on closing argument of Daubert hearing.

Nelson arguing with O'Mara.

7:22 PM

Mantei on closing argument of Daubert hearing.

Nelson arguing with Mantei.

O'Mara and Nelson arguing now. I missed how that happened.


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