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Testifying remotely. O'Mara on direct.

ED: In 2012 she lived at RATL. She knew GZ, since she moved in, 2009. They were friendly, no problems. She knew he was in NW, never saw him patrol.

ED: 2/26/12 she was returning to RATL on Oregon, saw police cars and crime scene tape. It was very rainy.

ED: She saw GZ's truck, gray Honda Ridgeline.

ED: She doesn't know Jenna Lauer.

ED confuses RVC and TTL.

ED spoke with police officer. She was standing with a group. Officer brought a phone with 2 pictures. ED ID'd GZ.

ED: She went to GZ's residence to see if Shelley was home.

Bernie objected as ED was about to repeat what Shelley said. O'Mara asked for sidebar.


ED: She had brief conversation with Shellie, who then went to crime scene.

ED: She went to crime scene to see that Shellie was OK, then went home.

ED: She gave police her name and phone number, made no other statement.

ED: Some time later she was interviewed by FBI.

ED: She has heard Lauer 911 call. The screamer's voice sounds like GZ, because he has 'a light male voice'.

O'Mara trying to use the remote tech to show ED a map of RATL.

O'Mara gave up on visual.

4:13 PM

Bernie on cross.

Technical difficulties.

ED: Never heard TM's voice.

4:15 PM

ED excused.

I think O'Mara finally got out that Zimmerman's car was "to the right" of the front of the Lauer house.  But was it made clear that was as you were facing the street from Lauer's house.  Why didn't he do this by showing pictures?  I don't know if the prosecution will agree that the car was packed where Zimmerman said it was based on this testimony.


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