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Week 3, Wednesday, 7/9/13

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Animation is out as evidence.

Connor and phone evidence is out.

Nelson reading case citations aloud.

Animation is out as evidence, OK as 'demonstrative exhibit'.

Phone evidence is out.

Nelson asked GZ if he understands he has right not to testify, he does. She said he also has right to testify, and she wants him to be in consultation with his lawyers on the matter and be thinking about it.

Seems like there might be a sick juror-JDN said "if you need to leave the courtroom just raise your hand and we'll take a recess."

Dennis Root to the stand.

Nelson asking if any jurors broke any rules.

Nelson told one of the jurors, I think E-6, to tell her if he needed to leave.

Next witness is Dennis Root, self-defense expert.

Root sworn, 9:19 AM.


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