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Guy started about 12:05 PM

Talking about 'human heart' and a dark, rainy night. The thinks he's a poet.

TM a 'child' again.

OMG.... so sinister...  so evil.....  "all of the lies he told"  "all of them"  ...............if theatrics do it for the jury.......then Guy is doing ot for them.

I don't think Guy has made a single point he didn't make in the opening statement. He hasn't begun to touch O'Mara's arguments. You might think he doesn't know there is such a person.

Not yelling. Doing some weird guttural growl and whisper thing.

Oops. Now he's yelling. Never mind.

All the lies, All the lies...

After months of people getting away...  that's why that guy got out of the car.

If he really wanted to help the police, he would have driven to the back gate... what he always told the police they did.  But he didn't do that.

Trayvon Martin may not have the blood of Zimmerman on his hands, but Zimmerman will forever have Martin's blood on his hands..

More lies, more lies, so many lies...

Can't keep up with it all ..


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