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Zimmerman Won't be Charged With Theft



--- Quote ---Lake Mary police announced Wednesday that they are not going to charge George Zimmerman with stealing a king-sized bed, antique chair and several other pieces of furniture from his mother-in-law's rental house where he lived for several months.

Department spokesman Officer Zach Hudson characterized the matter as "a civil dispute".

Earlier, Hudson described it as a landlord-tenant dispute.
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Apparently the investigation into what was on Shellie's Ipad is still continuing.  The Orlando Sentinel still is covering various aspects of the Zimmerman case.


--- Quote ---Police tried to question Zimmerman but he referred questions to his attorney, Mark O'Mara, the report said.
--- End quote ---

Experience is a great teacher.

I thought O'Mara fired him--at least for this stuff?

wordsalad2009 over on whonoze found a PDF of the long version of the Lake Mary PD's report on the alleged theft, and it gets really interesting towards the end.

Right click, click open in new window, click download button in upper right corner, click direct download, show it where to be saved.

(You do have a separate, dedicated Zimmerman folder, right? ::) )


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