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El Capo 3, Capitulo 30
« on: May 05, 2014, 08:45:40 PM »
What did Silvio use to threaten Velandia?

Why did Velandia burn the documents? The documents said El Capo's people were protected witnesses or in the witness protection program. Are these the documents El Capo got when he agreed to rescue the DEA chief's wife?  Did Velandia have the only copies?

Why did the old Capo agree to help Julieta, or did he?

Why did the sicario call off killing Terry's wife/girlfriend after El Nino Malo called? What did El Nino tell him?

Why did Velandia go to see El Capo? Why did El Capo thank him? Why was the DEA watching Velandia?

It seems like DEA agent Mark went to the U.S. to meet with higher-ups about returning the body of Pacifico Blanco to Mexico. He and Brandon have now disclosed that they have been conducting an unofficial investigation in which Mark and Richard are "embedded" with El Nino Malo. They want credibility with El Nino Malo. He also said he needed the DEA's lawyers to meet and negotiate certain things (I think he meant for El Nino Malo.) Looks like the advance photos of El Nino Malo and his brother at a funeral is going to be the funeral of Pacifico Blanco when his body is returned.

How is it that Silvio, who knows everything, didn't know that the cartel guy in Mexico had kidnapped Julietta, or that El Capo was distributing the OPAC packets in Mexico? It couldn't be just a coincidence that he picked this particular Mexcian cartel guy to visit from New York.

In the preview, the old Capo guy that El Capo visited is surrounded by a group of guys and says something like we're going to go kill a traitor. Who's the traitor? The guy holding Julieta?
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