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El Capo 3 Capitulo 35


In the opening, which is the last moments from Friday, we see Silvio get taken out by the bomb El Capo set off at Valeriano's. So that's what happened to him. El Capo and team including Valeriano flee. 

Velandia's heavyset coworker with glasses arrives with cops at Valeriano's to find the carnage, and then he calls Mafioso Jacob in Italy. So is the coworker Velandia has been trusting with info working for the mob?

They then pick up the rest of Valeriano's men. So far they are captives.

All the while, El Nino Malo and brother are burying Pacifico Blanco. And the captured guy is still captured. He's holding out for his boss Jacob. Later, El Nino Malo finally kills him.

Capo sends some guys out to pass out samples of free coke, telling the willing recipients, "Opac."

Velandia calls his office and has a conversation with his secretary, I have no idea what they said.

Mafiosso Jacob in the Vatican calls the Colombian Minister of Justice, who is  on the mob's payroll,  to threaten him. He tells him he was just a lowly senator when they started, and because of Jacob, he's now the Minister of Justice. He better do what he says. Kind of between a rock and hard place here.

The second half hour, from their breakfast on, was a complete loss for me, I couldn't understand anything. El Capo and Julieta had a fight about something. Everyone else at the table looked at El Capo like they couldn't believe what he was saying or else they were embarrassed, but kept quiet. Even Kiara and Bruna. Then Bruna went outside to talk to Julieta. It seems like she was telling her about what happened with a young boyfriend of hers in the past someone from her past (it was a flashback.)

Velandia's co-worker went to see Jacob at the Vatican to get further instructions. Velandia was mentioned. No question the co-worker cop is on the mob side.

If I had to guess, I'd say El Capo wants to go to Europe because Jacob has to be killed, and Julieta wants him to end the killing. But that's just a guess. Does anybody know what they said?


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