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El Capo 3, Capitulo 36
« on: May 14, 2014, 12:00:24 AM »
Kind of a slow first half of the show. First they repeated some stuff from last night. Then they did another overly long segment about Bruna and her teen boyfriend who gets killed by the local "patron" when he objects to him pawing Bruna.

It was a surprise to see Azimov get killed when he hasn't been on the show for so long. What was that all about? But now Azimov and Silvio are gone: who will take their place besides Velandia's cop co-worker, who's more of a documents guy than a street thug.

It looks like it's going to be a bleak week for the show. There will be a kidnap attempt on Julieta's baby.

I can't figure out why El Capo is still keeping Valeriano around, and why he's still tied up. Or what Julieta has been arguing with her father about.

It seems Isabel Christina was upset to learn el Pitre works for El Capo -- not exactly what she wanted for Julieta's next big romance.

My only real question is what El Capo said to El Pitre when he got back from taking Julieta to the airport.

The show is now over 1/3 done. I wonder when they will go to Italy (which really will be Colombia dressed up to look like Italy, according to a blog by an extra in those episodes.)


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