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El Capo 3 / El Capo 3, Capitulo 24
« Last post by TalkLeft on April 25, 2014, 08:35:34 PM »
Capitulo 24: Who did Bruna meet with in the cemetary?
What is happening with the sick guy? Why is Kiara so attached to him?

What did Velandia and his associate talk about in Velandia's office?

Who is the guy that joined Nino Malo and threatened the DEA agent? Why was he going to kill the DEA agent? Did he just find out he's an agent or think he's a double agent?

The doctor says Bruna's  baby is very strong. Will she keep it?

Is the DEA planning to arrest the traffickers when they show up to kill Nino Malo?

What did Bruna tell El Capo on the phone when she didn't know Velandia was listening? I think I heard her say she respected Velandia and she loved El Capo. What did Velandia and  Bruna say to each other after the phone call?

From the preview for Monday, El Capo will finally get to visit his wife and daughter and grandson.
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3 Capitulo 22 and 23
« Last post by TalkLeft on April 23, 2014, 09:06:26 PM »
These were hard episodes to figure out without understanding the dialogue.

Kiara is so jealous of Bruna. What did Bruna say to her during their "talk"?

Why did the Colombia guerrillas let Capo leave and then go try to kill him?

Why did El Capo let the horses go but keep the cocaine? Why is he still shlepping it around? 

Why is Terry's girlfriend in jail? Why didn't he rescue her instead of just going to say hello?

It seems like at least two of  Nino Malo's men are traitors and working with the Italians who want him dead. It's strange to see the singer who helped Matilde in Senor de los Cielos (who was killed by Heriberto) show up as one of Malo's men.
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3: Capitulo 21
« Last post by TalkLeft on April 22, 2014, 08:23:26 PM »
El Capo makes a deal with the guerrillas. What was the deal?

Can anyone explain the scene where El Capo shoots at the tied-up Comandante and it turns out to be blanks?

What were Velandia and Bruna talking about in the hotel room?

El Capo 3 / Capitulo 20
« Last post by TalkLeft on April 21, 2014, 10:58:03 PM »
Capitulo 20 (can be viewed here): El Capo, Kiara, Tato and El Pitro are in the jungle, captives of the guerrillas. This is a continuation of Capitulo 19 which can be seen here.

What did el capo tell the comandante?
What did Tato tell the female comandante?
What did Bruna tell El Capo's wife Isabel Cristina when she went to her house?
What happened between Bruna and Velandia?
Where did Terry go and why?

Via Google Translate:

¿Qué le dijo el capo decirle al comandante?
¿Qué hizo Tato decirle al comandante femenina?
¿Qué le dijo Bruna dice la esposa de El Capo Isabel Cristina cuando fue a su casa?
¿Qué pasó entre Bruna y Velandia?
¿que las guerrillas colombianas tienen el capo? FARC o las AUC?
¿De dónde vino Terry ir y por qué?
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3 Capitulos 16-20
« Last post by TalkLeft on April 21, 2014, 08:46:10 PM »
For discussion of El Capo 3, Capitulos 16 to 20. English and Spanish welcome.
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3, Capitulos 11 to 15
« Last post by TalkLeft on April 21, 2014, 08:44:40 PM »
For discussion of Capitulos 11 to 15 of El Capo 3. English and Spanish welcome.
El Capo 3 / El Capo 3, Capitulos 6 to 10
« Last post by TalkLeft on April 21, 2014, 08:43:56 PM »
For discussion of Capitulos 6-10 of El Capo 3. English and Spanish welcome.
El Capo 3 / Forum Purpose and Registration
« Last post by TalkLeft on April 21, 2014, 08:41:30 PM »
Update: Registration is closed 5/29/14. Too much spam. None got through but it's still a pain having to reject them all. If you'd like to register for the forum, send me an email with your desired user name and email  address and say something in the email so I know it's not a spam request. I'll then register you manually.

El Capo 3 is airing in the U.S. and Puerto Rico on MundoFox.  There are no subtitles or close-captions for El Capo 3. Viewers who are not fluent in Spanish can follow the events, but have difficulty understanding the dialogue. There are very few sites online discussing the episodes in detail.

Mundofox's website for the show has some full episodes but other sites get them up quicker -- also without captions. MundoFox' You Tube Channel has basic You Tube captioning which is poor in Spanish and unintelligible in English.

Hopefully, some Spanish or bi-lingual viewers will help us out and post some details about the episodes and answer some questions.

Registration is free, but due to the number of spambot registrations,  (over 100 this week alone), your registration will have to be approved before it is activated and you can comment. 

Your email address will not be shared with anyone, and we don't send out e-mails.

If you do comment, please do not advertise or link to websites that are streaming the program without the permission of MundoFox. If you do not get MundoFox on your TV and want to watch El Capo, you can access it through Mundofox' website or you tube channel.

The importance isn't as obvious to me.  Did the issue come up at the trial?  If Zimmerman felt that he was in an extremely dangerous situation against a mad dog attacker, he would be justified in shooting in the attacker's direction, whether or not the latter saw the gun.
I hope you will explain why she thinks the issue of whether or not Trayvon saw the gun is so important in determining Zimmerman's guilt.

Do you think it isn't important?

As I said, Bloom doesn't distinguish between TM actually seeing the gun, and GZ having a reasonable belief that he saw it. With that caveat, the importance of the issue seems obvious to me.
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