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Title: Rules Coming Soon
Post by: TalkLeft on July 03, 2012, 12:44:39 PM
The rules for the forum will be coming soon. They will be somewhat relaxed from TalkLeft's rules, but will still include:

1.  No profanity, name-calling, insults or baiting of other members.  Do not call anyone a liar or a racist or post potentially libelous information.  You can express your disagreement with someone's point of view or the facts they allege to be true, but please do it civilly.

2. Stay on topic of the thread you are in. Don't hijack discussions to non-case related matters or engage in continued personal banter.  Use the personal message feature for that.

3.  Do not post personal information about other commenters, whether it be their name, cities, email address or anything else.

4.  Do not use the real names of non-publicly identified witnesses. You may refer to them by witness number.

5.  Please report posts that you believe are over the line. I will decide.   Most of the time I reply to the person who reported the post. Sometimes, when I'm busy, I just hit the delete key.

6. Please don't report disputed facts as undisputed truths or misstate the law.

7. Do not reprint articles or material posted elsewhere, even if it is your own work. Quote from it and link to it. (URL's do not have to be in html format.)  Copyrights must be respected.

8. No character attacks on either George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin or their family, friends or lawyers.

TalkLeft is a personal site. All rules are made by me.  If you can't abide by them, please post on another forum.  I will not let anyone degrade the level of discourse I expect from a professional, law-related site.

Thank you, and now, post away.  It is my pleasure to provide these forums for you.  I hope that everyone follows the rules so they can last for the duration of the case.

These are a start, not the final rules, your suggestions and questions are welcome.