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Title: Starting New Topics
Post by: TalkLeft on April 08, 2013, 12:29:22 PM
If you are going to start a new topic, make sure it's on something broad enough to foster discussion on that topic.  If you want to discuss something that doesn't bear directly on the case (literary allusions in pleadings is an example) put it in other case related topics -- not court matters.

Please don't start threads based on speculation, e.g., guessing as to whether the defense hopes to depose the prosecutor, when the likelihood of the speculation occurring is remote at best.  If your question relates to what a lawyer said at a hearing, put your comment in the thread for that hearing.

Give your topic a succinct name that adequately describes what it is about. "Wishful thinking" is not a proper topic name. No one wants to click on a topic to find out what it's about.

 99% of the topics started by readers here are  appropriate. This is for the 1% that are not.

Also, please don't veer off topic. Find an appropriate thread or start one. Example: comments about the civil case do not belong in the thread about the cert petition.  Veering off topic is a distraction for everyone, registered commenters, lurkers and readers who find their way here through Google.

Thanks very much.