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Title: Forum Purpose and Registration
Post by: TalkLeft on April 21, 2014, 08:41:30 PM
Update: Registration is closed 5/29/14. Too much spam. None got through but it's still a pain having to reject them all. If you'd like to register for the forum, send me an email with your desired user name and email  address and say something in the email so I know it's not a spam request. I'll then register you manually.

El Capo 3 is airing in the U.S. and Puerto Rico on MundoFox.  There are no subtitles or close-captions for El Capo 3. Viewers who are not fluent in Spanish can follow the events, but have difficulty understanding the dialogue. There are very few sites online discussing the episodes in detail.

Mundofox's website ( for the show has some full episodes but other sites get them up quicker -- also without captions. MundoFox' You Tube Channel has basic You Tube captioning which is poor in Spanish and unintelligible in English.

Hopefully, some Spanish or bi-lingual viewers will help us out and post some details about the episodes and answer some questions.

Registration is free, but due to the number of spambot registrations,  (over 100 this week alone), your registration will have to be approved before it is activated and you can comment. 

Your email address will not be shared with anyone, and we don't send out e-mails.

If you do comment, please do not advertise or link to websites that are streaming the program without the permission of MundoFox. If you do not get MundoFox on your TV and want to watch El Capo, you can access it through Mundofox' website or you tube channel.